Feb 8, 2012

Boston {Part 3}

Well, in case you forgot where we left off on the Boston vacation photos, check back here and here. If you're all caught up you should be sufficiently in the loop to continue the wonderful storytelling/photography of yours truly.

After the movie-watching day, we decided it was high-time to hit the streets of Boston and actually see some stuff! So Natalie and I trekked onto the bus/subway and ended up on some street to do some shopping. Apparently it's a popular and/or historic street with big name stores like Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie and some neat boutiques. I didn't buy anything (well, except for some $1 Christmas dish towels from C&B) but it was fun to do a little sight-seeing/shopping. We also stopped by the Boston Public Library, which was -- in a word -- amazing. So cool to see such an old building with beautiful architecture still standing in the U.S.

After our stroll, we met up with Afton and Ellie and continued our adventures at the Museum of Science! Let me tell you, people, I'm a lot smarter today than I was before this trip. SO COOL!

I actually got some pictures there since Afton was kind enough to bring my camera to me once we caught up. So happy I did, as these are my favorites from the trip! We were right on time for a little animal show, so we sat down and learned so many differences between crocs and alligators. We're pretty much all experts on it now.

We were also very amazed at all the different species of birds they had on display. Especially the flamingo. It was so vibrant, so shiny! And when we found the bird puppet/shadow show, let's just say we were like kids in a candy store. So informative, let me tell ya.

Perhaps the most entertaining thing to us, however, were the mirrors


I have to admit though, I got the best pictures from these, so I was happy :)

After we finally tore ourselves away from our own beautiful faces, it was pretty much time to wrap things up...so we did the most logical thing, and headed to the gift shop to play look around.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip. I will definitely be venturing back to Boston in the future. Especially because Nat promised me that next time she'll take me to the AQUARIUM!!! MWA-HA-HA!

You have no idea how excited I already am. Natalie, I'm not going to let you sway me :)

Thanks girls, for the wonderful trip!

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Alyssa said...

Hi! So, I think we have some photographer friends in common, and I saw your instagram, and love your design work, and came to your blog, and now I'm at this entry and see one of my high school friends, Ellie!

Just a "small world" comment in the form of a total run-on sentence!