Jan 30, 2012

Boston {Part 1}

First off, a huge apology to my blog readers who I'm sure are giving up on me right about now for being the world's worst blogger in the entire history of the world.

Second, I'm finally blogging about Boston, so get off my back. :)

To say Boston was amazing would definitely be an understatement! I had the.best.time and I didn't  didn't really stress about wedding/kitchen stuff the entire time I was there, which was a nice break.  When I first landed in Boston on Friday night, my best friend Natalie came to pick me up. I was so happy to see her. After dropping off my bags, we packed up and went out to a fancy dinner for two, complete with crab cakes, shrimp and a bottle of Pino Grigio. Yes....way to my heart!!

After dinner, we booked it back to Natalie's house to get some R&R. We woke up the next day and lazed around, and finally started getting ready to go out on the town with her college friends, Ellie & Afton. I'm sure you're ready for some pictures, though, aren't you?

These are just some Saturday night getting-ready shots. The first one, of Natalie, is one of my favorites from the whole weekend. Is she gorgeous or what?

And of course, a little pre-night photo shoot with the girls!

I'm not typically a "go out late to a bar and dance the night away" kind of girl, but let me tell you -- dance, I did. The live band at the bar was kind of amazing and played songs by Lady Gaga, The Killers and pretty much everyone under the sun. Classic

We danced the night away. Literally. In fact, danced the first few hours of Sunday morning away, too and finally got to our cozy beds around 3 A.M. 

I know some of you are saying THREE A.M.?!?! KATI STAYED UP 'TIL THREE A.M.????

Yes. I did. I know you're proud :)

Moving on. 

We woke up the next morning and did a bit of lounging around - had some girl talk, read blogs on our phones, admired Natalie's fingernails...you know, the usual.

More pictures/stories to come. Gotta keep you wanting more!

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