Nov 30, 2011

Rudolf the Red Reindeer(s)

Back in July I did a little redecorating in my living room. Basically I covered up the fireplace with a TV stand. Afterwards, I did some cute little paintings above it to add a little character.

Well, Sunday night after I got home from taking care of John was a bit of a shocker. Maybe shocker is too strong of a word. It was a downer. I looked around, and instead of a Christmas tree with lights and presents, it was just the same old boring living room. Usually I would just go ahead and decorate for Christmas, but seeing as this is my first Christmas living outside of my parent's house (I know...) I just don't have a whole lot of my own Holiday gifts. I knew I needed to change some things.

I rummaged around in my closet until I found a little figure that my mom got me this summer. It's a beautiful wood carving of Mary, Joseph and of course baby Jesus. I put it on the top of the TV stand. It looked a little lonely, so I found some jingle bells that John had brought over for Ella (don't ask) and tied them onto my aqua vase. Last, I took out the violet flowers and replaced them with some brown sticks for a nice wintery look. It looked kind of...bare.

Then, I had an idea! I've been looking for two white ceramic reindeer to put up and have not been able to find them. So I decided to just paint some instead! I settled on a festive red color and got to work taking down the paintings I did this summer. It was so easy! All it took was a little bit of paper, some acrylic red paint, and a paintbrush. Once I get my tree up, I show you the whole set up but for now here's a glimpse at ONE of my reindeer!

Anyway, hope you're getting your house decorated for the holidays! Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Love those reindeer!

Mary said...

I can't wait to see how your apartment looks once its all decorated! You are just too creative, I am seriously jealous! I have a feeling that this is going to be a christmas to remember for you :) Love you!