Jul 6, 2011

Living Room Part Dos

Hello all you avid blog-followers of mine. How ya doin' today? Have a good fourth? I did!

Today I wanted to share with you a little upgrade I made to the living room a few weeks ago. Here's a reminder of what it used to look like:

This picture makes me want to barf. UGH! It's like the fireplace is a magnet and everything
scooched across the room to be near it. Bad design. Or bad outcome. Bad whatever. 
When I moved into my apartment, I decided that mounting the TV above the fireplace would be a great idea. I soon discovered that this wasn't necesarily the case. Mainly because none of my accessories (like, I don't know, my DVD player or my cable box) had anywhere to sit! You can see that I had the DVD player sitting on the desk to the left of the TV - I couldn't even use the remote though because it wouldn't face forward (the cord was too short). And the cable box had no choice but to sit on the desk chair, which was pulled out in front of the fireplace.

All in all, it wasn't really doing it for me.

So when I went to Dallas for a wedding, I decided to make a pit-stop in Ikea. The mothership. And I bought this:

I had done some research for solutions to my problem, found this online, done the measurements, and decided that this would work best for me. I was going to cover up the fireplace. 


Oh yes, I can. And I did.

The night of our return I put John to work assembling my new Besta friend. Hehe :)

What a great boyfriend!

And I know you're dying to see the after. Right? Well, I'm not that mean kind of blogger who makes you wait until tomorrow.  Although it's not a bad idea because I haven't thought of tomorrow's post yet. 

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Hope you caught my Scarlett quote. If not, please disregard this photo.
So much better!!! My heart is happy.

Here's my new TV station. I love it. Or rather, I LO-HOVE it. Read aloud if you don't understand this chica's lingo.

You know, I lost the fireplace with this but I gained SO MUCH MORE! (Plus, let's be honest. Would I ever use the fireplace? Probably not. Would I even know how? Probably not) I now have a tv stand that looks good and provides me plenty of storage. All of my accessories have a home now and I think it really ties the entire room together. Plus, I love that I have a place for my awesome $50 vase.

Here's a breakdown of my prices:

Vase - $50 from Bella Boutique in Little Rock, AR
Flowers - (all fake!) $2.50 each on sale from Pier 1 (total $6)
TV Stand - $160 from Ikea
Frames - $20 each from Ikea ($40 total)
Paintings - FO FREE (I did them myself!)
Lamp on the right - $20 from Ikea

Please ignore my drinking glass. Should have moved it. That was dumb.
Thanks for visiting. Come back soon!

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