Jun 14, 2012

Instagram Phone Dump

I'm doing this post because I still haven't found my memory cards for my camera. Might need to buy a new one since I'm taking pictures this weekend. Moving on.....

If you're not using Instagram yet, you're missing out.

Basically, Instagram is a free app for your phone where you can take and post pictures throughout the day. Think twitter, but more geared towards us visual people. It's really fun and I enjoy posting lots! So I thought I'd go through and give you a little glimpse into the things I've captured on my phone in the past few months. I'm going to try to do a weekly or monthly update too, but this is just to get you all caught up.

Left to Right, top to bottom: 1) crepes on my bachelorette weekend. 2) working on wedding layouts. 3) wet puppy dawg! 4) fun pink shoes. 5) picking paint colors for master bedroom. 6) invitations came in! 7) bestie doing sister's hair. 8) me and my little sister on my bachelorette weekend. 9) heart coffee. 10) fresh strawberry snack! 11) writing out invitations. 12) luggage gifts that made me SO pumped for the honeymoon.

And a few more that are a little more recent. Think past two weeks :)

Left to Right, top to bottom: 1) after a long Saturday morning run. 2) my sweetie & I. 3) Bon Iver concert at Rivermarket 4) weight watchers meeting. 5) a beautiful sunrise on our run. 6) sleepy pup! 7) john working on bathroom updates. 8) bad wrist problems. 9) my dog and sweetie takin' a nap together. 10) big sister's graduation! 11) love my sisters! 12) last time to see invitations before they're mailed out.

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