Jun 6, 2012

Tidewater is on the walls!

This past weekend, John was away at a fishing trip with my dad and my sister's boyfriend, so I was able to concentrate a bit on some things around the house. After a round of dishes and laundry, I went to my mom's house to work on putting my wedding invitations together (pictures of those to come in a few weeks!). When John got back on Saturday, we decided that we would dedicate Sunday and the following week to working on the house. So on Sunday morning, I got up bright and early to start bringing Tidewater to the bedroom! (Tidewater is the name of our paint....see that post here)

As I was prepping the room, I thought to take a quick snapshot of the before since I hadn't showed it yet. Sorry for the poor quality. I'm apparently terrible at taking room photos (womp womp!)

Yeah. That's sad. What else is sad is that this is actually pretty true-to-life of what it would normally look like. See why I was so sad about my bedroom?!?

After pushing all the furniture into the middle of the room, I got my paint on. Yep, I was rockin it out.

Two coats later, the bedroom was magically turned to THIS:

Again, my photos aren't spectacular here. I expect more from myself but this was taken right before work this morning so let's just go with it.

And, just for visualization purposes.....here's a little photoshop magic of what I am actually envisioning in this room. See? It'll look better as we go. Promise.

Stay tuned. We painted another room in the house and I can't wait to share the transformation!!


Chelsea said...

Hi! My name is Chelsea and I just randomly stumbled onto your blog...how dud you edit the picture of your room??? It looks amazing!

Kati said...

Chelsea, I used photoshop to edit the picture! Not sure if you've ever used it, but it's an amazing program and I love it! Thanks for the comment -- good luck with your own projects!


Brandie said...

Amazing transformation. Remember to enjoy the journey as much as the destination! Thanks for sharing:)!

Katie said...

Love your vision for the room! And that you are honest enough to show the unmade bed version too :)

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Stopping by via Kelly's Korner today!

Love your bedroom colors. You've really put together a warm and comfortable space!

Natasha said...

I love the colour. It feels like a soothing space.

As you can tell I'm a bit behind on my blog reading!