Jun 11, 2012

A Bathroom Makeover. Part 1

I'm not sure if you remember, but last time I posted, I mentioned I had another update for you too. Well, here it is: we repainted the bedroom AND the bathroom last week. And now we're pooped. Haha :)

Sorry. Mature hat back on now.

Anyway, before we redid the bathroom, it was great. The sink is nice and big and the whole bathroom is big enough for all of my stuff so that makes me happy. Plus the shower is amazing. But since it's the only full bathroom in the house, and since it's the bathroom our guests use, we thought it could use a little...sprucing up.

And by sprucing up I mean repainting, new mirror, new cabinet-thingie above the toilet and new shower curtain.

Anyway, here's the before:

Please note that the top of the sink is not dirty, it's just like that naturally. It kind of bothers me because it looks like I spit toothpaste all over it, but I didn't. Swear.

I'm actually just gonna try to get over that. Why? Cause I am not exactly sure how I would fix it.

Moving on. The problems with the bathroom were that it was kind of cave-ey to me. Dark. Small. Wet. I thought a little light in there would do a sister good! So we got to painting. This time, John helped :)

And after painting, the new bathroom accessories came to play. And now it looks AH-MAY-ZING. Like, holey guacamole I'm pumped about it! I'll share an after pic with you tomorrow. Prepare to be floored!

UPDATE: I have misplaced my camera cards (I know) so until then, you'll have to wait on your updated pic. I know, you're on the seat of your pants (is that the phrase) but I promise I'll get to it as soon as I can!

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