Apr 3, 2012

My Little Sister {Sneak Peek}

A few weekends ago my little sister, Marinna, let me take some pictures of her downtown to play with the 35mm/1.4L lens I rented. I was so excited to shoot her because she is one of the most beautiful people I know -- and cliche as it sounds, I mean she's gorgeous inside and out :)

Marinna is about to graduate from the University of Arkansas and I couldn't be any prouder of her! She's also going to be one of my maid of honors (since both my sisters were given this role!) and I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful, funny, smart girl to stand by my side. Seriously, this girl has the most infectious smile and can make anybody I know laugh in a heartbeat. Love that!

I love that last picture, of her laughing. She throws her head backwards and just lets her laughter encompass her entire being, which just makes you smile :)

Love you little sister. You are so beautiful!


Natalie said...

These are beautiful! Marinna, you look lovely, as always :)

sarah said...

Gorgeous work and gorgeous sister! Love these, Kati! You are so talented!! My faves are the are the flare one on the right and the B&W close up. You definitely need to start saving for that lens!!

Kati said...

Thank you both! You're too sweet.

Sarah, you're right. I definitely NEED that lens! :)