Mar 8, 2012

Photography Bug!

After taking my engagement photos last weekend with the amazing Taylor Lord (who I have a little crush on), I started feeling...different. It was like my body was all a'tingle and I couldn't quite put my finger on why. I thought it must surely be the excitement of the day, the happy feelings that Taylor instilled into John and me, the lovey-dovey thoughts running around in my head about how lucky I am to have landed such a great guy. Yep -- all of those things were totally making my body want to dance around a little bit. But there was something else that was giving me the shivers.

It was the photography bug. I've come down with it, and it's hittin' me hard.

Yep, with the sun staying up a big longer each day, my photography bug is back and I'm so ready for action! I want to get out there and take some pictures! I really am wanting to try my hand at some engagement shots (and maybe find a photographer down the road who would maybe.possibly.crossmyfingers let me second shoot a wedding. How freaking cool would that be?) So this is me asking for your help. Do you know anyone who wants some pictures taken?

Last year I was able to do a few photo shoots with some wonderful families for Christmas cards and it was so much fun! And then a few things happened that put a little damper on my enthusiasm. One, daylight savings time took my sunshine away from me. Two, I got engaged and let's just say I got a little bit busy with that. Three, throw in the holidays and things just got crazy.

So do you know someone who needs engagement pictures? Family pictures? Senior pictures? Maternity/boudoir/baby pictures? Cause if you do, tell them about me. Give them my info and I will give them a good deal :) Promise.

Alrighty. That's really all. I am so excited to see what I can learn this year! Can't wait to take your pictures :)


I also wanted to tell you all that I have a photography tutorial featured today on I Heart Faces! Check it out if you want to read a little bit about how to take pictures from your pet's perspective!

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Anonymous said...

We do we do!! We wanna have a photo shoot!!! Sounds fun! -yaya