Jan 31, 2012

Kitchen Update: Granite & Bar Stools

Well, the kitchen is looking better and better every day. It's amazing how much it has transformed! Yesterday I went with John's mom to pick out our countertops since the cabinets are officially painted and ready for their topping! We met up during lunch to pick out our slab and ended up falling in love with a granite called Ornamental Guidoni. It is perfect!

Believe it or not, both photos are the same slab, although it looks closer to the bottom photo than the top picture. The "heart" I'm holding is a piece of the old wall that got knocked down (we're using the same paint color so I was holding it to show how perfect they go together )

I headed back to work after we picked that out, but after work John and I went to get something else for the kitchen. I'll let the below picture speak for itself!

Yep! We bought some stools for the bar! We found them on craigslist and got all three for $120. It seemed like a great deal considering new stools would probably cost about $100 each! We think we might change the fabric on them to make them more fun but for now they're just hanging out in the (newly painted) kitchen! Can you see how beautiful our cabinets are? 

Anyway, granite should be in by Thursday (!!) and then hopefully we'll get the lights back in so that everything's not quite as dark as night!

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Mary said...

Love it all!