Dec 22, 2011

Wedding Planning - Steps 1-5 Done!

Thought maybe you'd like a little wedding update since I've been a little MIA lately. Not my fault, though - with Christmas parties, a full-time job, a kitchen renovation AND wedding planning, life's been pretty hectic! I love it though! We have come a long way in the wedding planning than we were three weeks ago! Many things have been officially set, including:


I don't think I've officially announced our date on the blog yet but we are going to get married on July 28, 2012 here in Little Rock! We are so excited. 8 months to go!

Image courtesy of David Simmons Photos
John and I are going to get married at his church, Second Presbyterian Church. His parents and great-grandparents got married at this church (although not all when this was the building). We thought it would be great to continue the tradition! This church is HUGE so hopefully we can figure out some good ways to decorate without spending too much money!


Image courtesy of Melissa McCrotty Photography. Found on POTR website.
Image courtesy of Jamie Fender Photography. Found on POTR website. 
Where we were going to have the reception was a really HARD decision to make. When we stopped to think about what we wanted our wedding to be like, we decided we wanted an outdoor, fun event. So we narrowed it down to two places. The first was the Terry House (which is GORGEOUS). We really liked it, but it was far from the church (opposite side of town) and we couldn't use our caterer of choice. The other place was the Park on the River, in Maumelle. It's literally 5 minutes from the church and was beautiful, but it had a steep hill that concerned me and John.

In the end, we decided to go with the Park on the River. It is so close, right on the river and it's gorgeous. We're hoping the river proximity will cool the party down a little bit (since it will be July), and it's also super secluded so we can play our band and dance without on-lookers. We'll still have to figure out that hill, but that's a detail that can wait for now. Images above are from the Park on the River's website!


Y'all know this one is IMPORTANT to me! I immediately knew who I wanted as our photographer as soon as we got engaged, and I contacted her asap! Her name is Taylor Lord and She's from Galveston, TX and is going to travel over here to take pictures and capture our big day! Here is her website -- please go take a look! I am so pumped about her!


I think I found the dress when I went to Low's in Brinkley on Tuesday! It is SO.PRETTY! I've been dreaming about it ever since. We're going to try Proposals here in Little Rock this weekend (yes, on Christmas Eve!) and I know that they have the same dress for the same price so it's likely we'll buy it there after I make 100% sure it's the one. I am oh so happy I chose to have a short(er) engagement because I cannot wait until John sees me in this dress! Y'all, I'm gonna cry!


My mom has worked as the book-keeper at Cajun's Wharf for YEARS and made it super clear that that's who she wanted to cater the food. Luckily, when we went with the Park on the River as our reception site, it also meant we could choose our own caterer. So, that mean's Cajun's is the one! They have amazing food and I am so excited to figure out the details of what exactly we will be munchin' on!

Okay, so now you know what's going on and some of the things that have been going on over here! I cannot wait to marry the man of my dreams and I am so excited!

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sarah said...

Okay, well you know what I'm going to chime in on... Just looked up that photographer and got goosebumps. AH-MAZ-ING.
I got married nearly 7 years ago, and the wedding photography industry wasn't nearly as artistic as it is now. I'm a little bummed that all of our pictures are VERY traditional.
It just makes me that much more excited for you!!!