Dec 20, 2011

Another Short Post...sorry!

Okay dudes. I'm just updating this really quick because I'm in the middle of drying my hair for the day. Gotta look pretty's WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING DAY! I thought about posting some of my favorites I've found online but I really don't want John to know what I'm thinking about getting so I'll probably skip on that. However, I will say one thing: I love off-white dresses. No stark white wedding dress for me! I might even be interested in a blush color. CRAZY TALK!

Anyway, I thought you guys might want to see the kitchen progress. John's been working so hard every day to get it cleared out before the wall guy comes next week to tear down the wall between the kitchen and living room. To be perfectly honest, this is the thing I'm looking forward to the most. Wall, be gone!

Sorry for the poor quality pictures -- John took them on his iPhone.

No turning back now!

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