Oct 3, 2011

'Round Here (a Random Post)

Well, hello there! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I know I did! It was full of my favorite people, which is just always a good thing! As stated on the last post, I tried to get out with my little one for some sunshine and fun. She chose the stick again.

• Last week was a little slow at work, so we decided to prank one of our coworkers who was out of town. A bazillion balloons later...

•Apparently he got to work early today and had already gotten most of them out of his office by the time I arrived (second photo). Man, though, isn't this FUNI'm totally going to blow up 600 balloons for my next party....Sadly, they're all popped already :(

• Friday night I got to babysit for two of the most adorable boys in the universe. Seriously, I want my kids to be just.like.them. I'm babysitting them again on Thursday so maybe I'll get a few pics for you.

• Before I babysat, I went to my favorite sushi restaurant in LR, Igibon. Have you ever eaten Bang Bang shrimp at Bonefish? Cause the sushi at Igibon....well, it's kind of like that. But better!

• Speaking of Bonefish, I went there Saturday night with some of my good friends, Emily and James. They were kind enough to use a gift card on our dinner and let me tell you, it was amazing! Halfway through dinner, Emily and James realized it was their 1-year anniversary so after a quick kiss, we decided to finish dinner off with a trip to Orange Leaf (which is in no way as good as Red Mango). But heck, ice cream is ice cream and I was down.

• Before dinner on Saturday, John and I joined my mom's side of the family for a little cemetery tour of some of my relatives. Not creepy, if that's what you're thinking. It was actually really nice to get together to remember those who aren't here anymore, and to pay respect to them with flowers and such. I saw the grave of my great-great-great-great-(great?) Grandfather, and that was pretty crazy to think about!

• Sunday day John and I decided to try to tackle a big project in his house. I'm going to share it with you SOON but we have a few little touch-ups before the room is photo-ready! Can't wait to share it!

• Last night, my sister Eliza took me on a sister date! We went to Purple Cow (who has incredible fried pickles...who knew!) and then off to see 50/50. It was a fantastic movie -- seriously one of the best I've seen in a LONG time! I laughed (a lot!) and cried (a little!). It's about a guy who gets diagnosed with cancer when he's 27, and he has a 50/50 chance of surviving. The story is so great because it doesn't try to gloss over anything, yet there are some truly heartfelt and hilarious moments also.

Anyway, just thought I'd share a little weekend fun! Hope you guys have a great Monday. Ugh, I'm so ready for next weekend already! :) Come back tomorrow for Trendy Tuesday!


trippingtiffies said...

Ah...kindred Red Mango spirit!

I found your blog through your Razorback cupcakes on Pinterest.

I'm an Arkansan too:)

Love love love - your cupcakes by the way! (Do you sell them?)


Kati said...


Love your blog! So cute :) I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and left a comment!

I used to sell my cupcakes but I actually don't make them anymore. I got kind of burnt out in the cake decorating business. Who knows, though. Maybe they'll make an appearance at the next Razorback game!

Have a good day and come back soon!