Sep 30, 2011

Perfect Days

The days have been beautiful here the past few weeks -- temps in the 70s and 80s, sunshine and blue skies -- such a relief from the hot, hot summer. Working from 8 to 5 each day makes me miss my days in Fayetteville when, on a perfect day, professors would take their students and teaching plans to the great outdoors. We'd sit on the ground, nothing between us and the earth beneath, and play with the grass under our toes while the teacher tried their hardest to keep our attention. And after that seemed to be failing, they'd try their hardest to remember why they had thought this was such a great idea. But it was a great idea, and no matter how many times they had failed before, teachers continued to bring their students outside on a perfect day. Perhaps it was knowing that no one would be able to concentrate inside either, for the trees and sunshine peeking in from the windows was all too much for us to be cooped up indoors.

Regardless, we've had days like that here. Beautiful days. Perfect days. Days you wish you could bottle up in an old mason jar and save for the rainy ones.

It's nice to just escape outdoors sometimes. Breathe in the fresh air, soak up the sun and feel blessed that in that moment, nothing matters.

Nothing, I suppose, except being together and doing our favorite things. Like chewing on sticks. Or playing on ebay. Or, in my case, finally capturing some sun flare with the camera. Success.

Hope you get out this weekend and enjoy the perfect weather. Happy Friday!

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