Oct 4, 2011

Trendy Tuesday: Paint + Stain

I know last week's Trendy Tuesday was a bit of a stretch but somehow I've been getting some traffic from it -- someone pinned my board on Pinterest! It was very fun to see that :) 

This week, we're getting back to an actual trend. And boy, oh boy, is this a good one! I've been crushing on this look for ages now -- don't know why I haven't highlighted it before!

This week's trend is furniture makeovers using paint and stain. White paint, to be exact. The look is classic and is the perfect mixture between chic and rustic (another combo that's trendy these days!) So take a look below for some inspiration on how you can bring this awesome look into your own house! I know I'm certainly inspired -- I'd love to redo my dining room table!

1. Chalk Painted Dresser 2. Dining Table 3. Stairway to Paint+Stain Heaven 4. Dreamy Dresser (NOTEI lightened the photo so you could see the wood detail) 5. Bedside Table Ikea Hack 6. Flip that Fireplace! 7. DIY Vanity 8. Another Dining Room Table that I WANT!

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