Oct 21, 2011

Fix It Friday

Hello loves. Welcome to another Fix It Friday. This week's challenge included this adorable family shot.

 Here's what I did to the picture:

• Adjustment layer: levels (to brighten)
• Adjustment layer: curves (to brighten)
• add extra space above dad's head and rebuild so his head is not cut off
• straighten photo a tad
• Adjustment layer: contrast
• Adjustment layer: vibrance
• Warm & Soft Baby action
• Replace color on wagon to make it more red
• Adjustment layer: levels (to take red out of faces)
• Sharpen children/wagon
• Photo filter (to warm things up a bit)

And because I like to include a black and white:

Please note: I did not take these photos. I only edited the original to my liking. 

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