Oct 20, 2011

Evan's 4th Birthday

Last weekend was a busy weekend! On top of the photo shoot and the pumpkin patch, we also got to celebrate Evan's 4th birthday! He is one sweet kid! He'll be a heart-breaker one day, that's for sure!

His mom and dad put so much hard work into this party and it was perfect! PJ, Evan's dad, makes cakes for fun so he whipped out a top notch 3D birthday design for his little guy. And Erin's cookies did not disappoint either -- they were some of the most detailed ones I'd ever seen! She even made these cute little party bags for the little ones. Follow their blog here.

Erin even made some plain cookies that the kids everyone could decorate themselves. She just bought a bunch of edible ink markers and people went to town!

The only thing left was the gifts and let me say that Evan made bank! He got loads of awesome stuff! It was like Christmas arrived early!

Happy 4th Birthday Evan!

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Erin Cristler said...

Kati, you are just so gifted with a camera!!! Thank you so much for capturing these precious moments.