Sep 16, 2011

Fix It Friday

I went ahead and participated in this week's Fix It Friday! Here's the original:
And my edits. Did them all in photoshop. In the color one, I started by adjusting my layers and curves to lighten the photo. From there, I used the BrightEyes action, followed by a boost of vibrance in her lips and then another one on the entire photo. I also sharped the picture, cropped it and adjusted the color balance to less yellow and more blue. Love it!

For the black and white version, I desaturated the photograph and went back into my layers to up the blacks. I went in again to curves and brightened her face a bit, and added a slight color tint in light orange so that it was a bit warmer. Done!

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! I'm going to try to get some good shots and good posts set up for next week so make sure to check back in :)

1 comment:

sarah said...

Beautiful edits. Hope you make the Fix It Fridays a regular thing... I will sure enjoy them!