Sep 14, 2011

All It Takes

Today I wanted to talk about photo editing. Yes, I edit my photos -- usually just a little color boost but sometimes a drastic change of merging two photos together. I'm going to give you an example of this today. I took these photos at the Razorback football game that took place last weekend. I was getting some cute shots of Evan and his dad, PJ, when I realized that it'd be really great if Erin (Evan's mom) was in them too! Only problem was, Evan and PJ both looked away right as my shutter snapped. Womp, womp. Here's the picture I ended up with:

Apparently they were more interested in the band than me. Humph! Luckily, I had captured this pic moments earlier and thought it was cuter than a kitten hugging a bunny rabbit!

So my solution? Merge the two pictures. Since they were taken from relatively the same spot, I just copied the picture of Evan and PJ, and pasted it on top of the one of the whole family. With a little erasing here, cloning there, and some scaling, it was the perfect match! Now Erin has a great picture of her family! 

After making the changes I did one more thing to make the picture perfect. Cropped it! Ahhhhh, much better!

Have a good day!

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Erin Cristler said...

I learn more things from you!!! You keep me constantly amazed (and that's why every time I have some sort of hair brained project/scheme, you're the first person I consult)!