Jul 20, 2011

Random Ramble

I know, I didn't blog today. I meant to. Really. But then my alarm went off. I made a smoothie and shaved my legs and fed my dog and dressed for work. Went to work, went to a meeting, got a quick drink with some of my coworkers, picked up a pizza, ate with John and the day just got away from me.

And I didn't have anything to write about.


I haven't broken out my camera in a few days. Not since the Mary shoot. I guess the reason why is that I've had no one to take pictures of. And I'm pretty sure y'all are getting sick of seeing my dog (even though she is precious and the best model there is).

I'm not sure why I feel like I've got to take pictures of people; I guess I'm just so inspired by portrait photography that I already know that's what I want to use my camera for - to capture people and their emotions and their beauty.

I did go out to take pictures of a train a few days ago. Only thing is, it just sat there. And it was kind of boring and ugly. So I ended up taking pictures of Ella; exactly the thing I shouldn't have been taking pictures of.

Also, I have super unrealistic high expectations for myself. John says I need to give myself a break because I can't always perfect something the first time. This is a hard concept for me; I like being good at something naturally. Like cake baking, or drawing. Even though I've only had my camera 10 days, I feel like I should already understand focus and aperture and ISOs and shutter speeds, and while I have a basic idea of how each of those things work together, I haven't mastered it yet. That frustrates me. 


My friend from work, Jason, took this picture of me the other day. The color was really weird when I was playing with it so I just made it black and white and kind of liked the outcome. Here it is:


Strangely, I love Thursdays. The reason is that the next day is Friday, so logically it would make more sense for me to like Fridays. But I don't. Thursday just has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Thursdays are good days. So I'm telling myself that tomorrow, Thursday, is going to be a good day when I get inspired, write a great post and take some great shots. Thursday is gonna be sweet.

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