Jul 21, 2011

Pinnable Me

One thing every aspiring photographer needs and wants to know is what their style is. I find that the best way to tag my personal style, whether it be fashion or interior decorating, is to find pictures that I'm inspired by and to save them. Once I collect a few, I can go back and look at them to see what trends keep emerging. Pinterest has helped me a lot in this for figuring out my favorite looks for the home: I now know that I adore blue/green/grey walls, with pops of warm color spread around (think orange and yellow), and natural wood furniture mixed with modern white pieces.

Today I want to find and look at some photos that inspire me. Not just glance at them, but analyze them: what I like, why I like it. The lighting, the composition, the expressions, whatever.

So, here we go!

1. Shutterchic Photography - I completely adore this image. The first thing that I love about it is the incredible lighting and the washed-out feeling of sun-soaked love. I can't wait until I figure out how to get this awesome hazy effect. I also love their expressions, the motion and candid-ness of the image, how the water is frozen in place, and the girl being in utter glee.

And hello, that yellow blanket is calling my name! I want it.

2. Kiss the Groom - Is this picture not the most adorable thing you've ever seen? This picture is a little bit different than the one above - the colors are a little heavier but you still get that lightness close to the bottom, where the sunshine is playing on the fields. My favorite thing about this picture is the girl's pink sweater - it just POPS against the green. I also like the shallow depth of field; the couple is in focus but the background blurs backwards. And, like the picture before, I love their natural expressions. I'm sure the guy doesn't naturally go around carrying his girl, but they look natural and not posed or forced. I like that.


3. Toddler Toes - I love this picture. This little boy is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. What I like about this picture is the composition. The photographer doesn't focus on the little boy's face, but instead on his adorable feet. I feel like this picture tells you a lot about this little boy - he is curious and calm. It captures a piece of a story and I love that.

4. Carter and Cook Event Company - I love this picture. How it focuses on the bride's beautiful updo. The lighting that she is facing. The glow. I love how the background is pushed into pure blurridness (if that's a word) and the overall natural colors that appear everywhere.

5. Bee Photographie - Again with the natural, sun-kissed, glow-y goodness lighting! And this girl's pose is fantastic - obviously posed by the photographer but still natural and flattering to the girl. The blur is great too! Heart flutter.

So those are the pictures that inspire me.

See any trends? Let's see:
• sun-soaked goodness
• natural lighting
• natural positions
• happy expressions
• blurred background
• focus on the details

Did you catch any more that I didn't? Why not try it for yourself on whatever projects you're working out: find your own style!

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