Jul 22, 2011

Dresser Makeover

About 2 years ago, I needed a dresser. Badly. I was about to move into my first apartment, and I had nothing to put my clothes into. And everyone knows a girl's gotta keep her clothes somewhere!

My dad had a great idea of redoing a dresser his grandmother had had long ago. It was just sitting in the garage, so he basically gave it to me!

This was the dresser on the day that I started working on it. You can see that the wood was really beat up, the handles were falling off, one handle was missing and was replaced with a bumblebee pull. Not exactly my style. 

So I enlisted John's help. It was the middle of the summer (which in Arkansas means HOT!) but he was a great sport. We spent about 3 days sanding this thing because my dad and John are both perfectionists and wanted to make sure we got EVERY SINGLE groove on the dresser. Which there are a lot of (if you can't tell). 

After we sanded, the painting began. We decided to go with a glossy chocolate brown paint instead of a stain. Not sure why I picked that out but I liked it and I still do (although I may paint it again another color in the future. We'll see). And we also picked out some new handles that would match the style of the dresser, and we painted those too. 

Here's the dresser after it's makeover:

Sorry both pictures are a little blurry; they were both taken with my iPhone a LONG time ago. 

Overall this project was a great deal. I hardly spent any money on it at all, and I got a great dresser that I still use today! I would highly recommend a project like this to anyone! 

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