Jul 7, 2011

My Last 5 Pins

Time for you to check out what I've been checking out!

1) Football chocolate dipped strawberries. How cute! And, how totally easy to do yourself! Great idea for a tailgate this fall.

Shari's Berries
2) Photography tutorials. Okay, so the next 3 or 4 would be this, but I figure y'all get the point. I want a camera, I've been researching, yada-yada-yada. This photo's not that great, it's the link that I'm pinning here!

Lil Blue Boo

3) Moving along to the next non-photography-tutorial pin is this. HOW ADORABLE! What a great way to show someone why you love them! Could be great for kids or for the boy :)

Kiki Creates

4) What more can I say? The pictures speaks louder than words. And those words are HECK YES.

Better Homes & Gardens

5) And finally, a big calendar that you write birthdays, trips, and SALES on (so that you know when to shop for stuff!) Brilliant.

320 Sycamore

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