May 9, 2011

My Living Room (as it is now)

Guess I'll start off my new blog by showing you a few of the things I've doing in my new apartment. After taking some crappy pictures (sorry – I'd like to get a nice camera but they cost a little too much dough for this blogger) I realized that my apartment doesn't look nearly as good as I originally thought. I suppose these will be my "before" pictures that I can look back on and giggle at.

This is my apartment living room. I can't paint my walls, so I'm stuck with the beige but I decided to add accents of blue/turquoise/yellow. The red blanket (that you see my scary-looking puppy perched on) obviously doesn't match but it is so comfy I can't help but continue using it. My couch is brown leather and I got it, along with two reclining chairs, for less than $400 bucks in great condition! Cha-ching!

I chose the yellow because it has been my latest obsession. If you couldn't tell already by coming to my blog. It's just so fun and cheery, don't you think? I thought the blues and turqouises would really compliment it.

Here's a breakdown of the room:

Last week, I found this beauty in a boutique in Little Rock. It's made from recycled glass and is HUGE! I'm still not sure where I'm going to put it but I knew I would regret not buying it for $50.

Finally, I got inspired and did a DIY painting for above the couch. The painting below was my original inspiration, found in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine:

Also, can I just say that the photos for this spread were TO DIE FOR? I love the cozy feeling that is accomplished, and the way the decorator layered her styles. Especially loving the white chair with the black and white pillow. Great contrast and everything is just AH-MAYZING.

Anyway, that painting was where I started. I bought a canvas on sale from Hobby Lobby ($24 minus 30%) and 9 small bottles of paint there too ($1 each on sale). I painted it one day after work and have fallen in love with it. Even though it looks NOTHING like the painting I started with, I really love it. Turned out better than expected, so I suppose we'll have to see if I can do some more stuff. One thing I would love to have would be some texture but I figure I can always go back and add to this later. Here's the painting:

Well, hope everyone is having a happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Look at that little demon in the couch! By the way...nice white table in the corner.

Loving the living room look :D