May 6, 2011

Have You Heard of a Little Thing called PINTEREST?

Okay. I have a new obsession. It's called Pinterest and I am in LOOOOOVE. Seriously, it rocks my socks. And it may or may not be the whole inspiration behind this blog.

I was always that girl who found stuff online and, if I liked it, would grab a quick screen shot and email it to myself. But seriously, who has the time to do that? With Pinterest, you simply sign up, and any photo you see (whether it be from a blog, online store, facebook, whatever!) you can "Pin It." From there, the photo goes into your Pinterest account and saves it for you. Here's a look at some of the things I've been inspired by lately...

And a little close-up if you can't quite see anything...

Not only has it helped me discover my "style," but it's an awesome way to get creative and connect with friends. If your friends join, you can follow each other and see what they've been pinning too. Too cool.

Okay, enough about my new LOVE. Get on over to the website and ask for an invitation yourself!

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