May 7, 2011

Future Bambino Names

My best friend Natalie sent me a picture the other day of a postsecret postcard.

It really made me chuckle....And then promptly text her all the names that are mine. Like Jack. That's the only one I want to share because quite honestly I don't want any of you millions of readers to steal my names either.

When we got Ella (our dog), John and I had many-a-discussion about her name. I wanted to name her so many things. Arrow, at first. Then Belle, then Piper, then Lady, Lola, Theo, Ivy, Tess, Chaco, Zula, and on and on. Finally, I settled on the perfect name: Nella. I loved it. It's simplicity and uniqueness. I loved the way it rolled off my tongue and just fit.

Unfortunately, the people I work with (God love 'em) didn't feel the same way. "That's not a real name," they said. Which brings me to question:

What makes a name?

My sister's name is unique: Marinna. Is that a "real" name? Some people might say that a real name becomes real once it is used. In that case, all I would have had to do would be to proclaim my dog's name to be Nella, and it would be. But I didn't.

Why you might ask? John didn't like Nella either. Booooo. He wanted Bella. But since Twilight is such a huge thing right now and I'm not that into Twilight (that's right, I said it) I nixed that idea (not to mention every other baby that's poppin' out these days is named Bella). So we settled on the perfect compromise. Ella.

Anyway, that is my rant. Not sure where I was going with that one, but aren't you just so glad you stuck around for the end? I thought so.

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Anonymous said...

Right on about Bella. I love the name Isabella, but I won't do that to my non existent, hypothetical girlchild. It's like the new "Sara."

BTW, I know I texted you this, but for all the world to know: tax on Emma, Lyla, Eve, Holden, Sawyer, and Emmett. Boom.