May 4, 2011

Let's Try This Again, Shall We?

Before I started my cake blog, I started this blog. Color Me Kati. I wanted to have somewhere to write my thoughts, but it soon became apparent that my life's not that interesting. So there's your warning.

Because cake baking got a bit old after awhile, I've decided to start another blog. Not because I think I'm particularly read-worthy, but simply to keep up with myself once I get older like my mother and start to forget things. Love you, mom.

It is here that I'd like to begin to chronicle my adventures: my job as a graphic designer, my role as a puppy parent to Ella, and most importantly, my newfound passion for creating a homey living space.

Alright. So there's my intro. Good enough. I'm planning a few posts as we speak that should be pretty fun. Gotta get my crap-camera out and take some pics of my projects and then upload we go! Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Kelli said...

Being boring has never stopped me from blogging! Oddly, some of my 'best friends' and people I know the most about are bloggers I've never met in person.