Aug 29, 2012

Honeymoon to Costa Rica (Guanacaste)

Finally, the last part to the overview of our honeymoon to Costa Rica! After so many adventures in both Arenal and Monteverde, we ended the trip at an all-inclusive resort in Guanacaste - by the beach!) On the drive there from Monteverde, we got a little treat - our driver pulled over to let us stretch our legs and grab something to eat, and there was a group of macaws in the trees! It was crazy seeing such big (and LOUD) birds living in the wild!

When we did finally arrive at the resort, we soon learned that we had been automatically upgraded to the Royal Beach Club. We weren't super sure what that meant at first, but finally did learn that it was the most amazing thing EVER! We got to stay in a special part of the hotel where no children were allowed (I love kids, but it was nice to have the adults-only pool!), we got all-inclusive wrist-bands, and we had our own concierge. It truly felt like paradise there!

We didn't do a whole lot while we were there -- mainly just relaxed, ate and drank! Haha! I learned that my non-drinking hubs LOVES pina coladas (virgin ones, that is), and the unlimited amount that we were allowed to have was a good thing! Not sure how we would have paid for all of them without that! Hah. We spent our days laying by the pool, reading and going for an occasional dip to cool off. It was great - and there was a swim-up bar!

there were tons of lizards all over the property - and they were HUGE!
At night, we would pick one of the many restaurants on the property and make a reservation to eat there. It was fun to get dressed up and go out on dates together every night, and it was so romantic!

One day, we decided to do a coffee tasting at the hotel's coffee shop. We ended up being the only people who showed up, so we got a personal lesson on Costa Rica's coffee industry, got to taste some samples of local coffee, and even got some free drinks too! Our teachers, Angel and Esteven (not sure how to spell either's name...) were so fun, and it was literally one of the most fun things we got to do! Here's a picture of the four of us:

On one of the last days, we decided to get out of the resort for a day on a catamaran. We were expecting it to be about 20 people, and were surprised to get on the biggest boat in the ocean, with about 100 other people! At first, John and I were a little unhappy about the trip, but after we landed in a small cove and went snorkeling, we ended up having a fantastic time!

Once the day on the water was over, we got to watch the most beautiful sunset. It truly took my breath away, as did our entire trip! I would go back in a heartbeat, and am so glad that we chose to celebrate our first days as man and wife like we did! Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures!

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Allie said...

Congrats, Kati! Looks like a fabulous trip! You look so stinkin' happy in every photo. :-) I love it!