May 24, 2012

Master Bedroom Inspiration

Yesterday, I showed you some inspirational images to help me pick my paint color. But today, I want to show you something a little more personal.

It's MY bedroom idea board. See, I wasn't sure how everything would/could look together, so I thought it would be easier if I personalized it a little bit more by picking out a few things I really liked.

First thing's first, is that we officially picked a paint color. It's called Tidewater (Sherwin Williams). I started my little inspiration board with that as the background and a nice beige carpet as the bottom (since that's what we have. Duh).

Green curtains are really inspiring me lately so I will definitely need to get my hands on some. Only thing is, they're REALLY hard to find in a fun, chartreuse green! I like these, but they're a little expensive. Maybe I'll sew some?

We have already picked out a dresser that we found on Craigslist (more on that later). It's just going to be plain white, so just put a "stand-in" dresser in the picture for now. Visualization, people.

I want to buy some RAST tables by Ikea and give them this awesome makeover like Aubrey + Lindsay's Little House Blog did to theirs. At less than $40 a pop, I feel like these dressers will really come in handy -- mainly because they provide extra drawers so John and I can hide away our pjs and undies :)

I want to accessorize with gold things - maybe a gold mirror above the bed and some gold picture frames? Those will have to come towards the end, but it's just what I'm thinking for now.

Add a few pops of color (pillows/lamps) and wallah! A much better-looking Master Bedroom that we can actually enjoy! Ahhh, just looking at this makes me want to curl up in that bed and read a good book!

I'll update as we go. I'm planning on getting my paint on in the next few weeks :)

Source List:
• Bed -- Urban Home
• Lamps -- Pier 1
• Curtains -- Harry Corey
• Green pillows -- Pillow Confections Etsy Shop
• Paint color -- Tidewater by Sherwin Williams
• Side Tables -- IKEA Rast Side Tables (image from )
• Dresser -- unknown source
• Mirror -- More Mirrors

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

Very pretty! I love the soft really softens the room up. :-)