May 17, 2012

Thanks for the Shower!

I wanted to share today a cute idea my mom came up with a few weeks ago. As I prepared for my first shower (seen here), I knew I wanted to give the hostesses something really neat. After a few days of racking my brain and coming up empty, I enlisted my trusty mom's advice. Her solution?

"How about umbrellas? You know, since it's a shower?"

My mom is a freaking genious. I loved the idea and ran with it. A few days and three Vera Bradley umbrellas later, I was prepared. But since it was so clever, I knew I needed a fun way to let everyone in on the pun. So I came up with a few little thank you cards, slapped them together and called it a day! Inspiration came from these adorable invitations on

The tag says "Thanks so much for the shower"

What do you think? Pretty cute, huh? The great thing about the umbrellas is it's definitely something that anyone could always use, and the fun patterns we bought are sure to bring some color and fun to a rainy day!


Lisa said...

What an adorable idea, and you did a fantastic job with the tags!

Kati said...

Thanks Lisa!