Feb 14, 2012

Trendy Tuesday: Happy Valentine's Day!

I know Valentine's Day is such a sappy, invented holiday....but I still love it. Seeing romance in the air - hearts, flowers, chocolates - just gets my heart a'beatin! So I thought it would only make sense to do a Trendy Tuesday focused on this strange (but fun) holiday. Hope your day is beautiful!

1. Hot Cocoa Hearts 2. Button Heart Canvas Art 3. Candy Message (so SWEET!) 4. Polka-Dot Nails 5. Valentine Cupcakes* 6. Matchbox Valentines 7. Heart Art 8. Letterpress "You're A Hottie" Card

And just as a side note, one of these things is the little thing I got John for Valentine's day. I'll give you a hint. Box 8. :)

* Source Unknown :( Sorry peeps!


Anonymous said...

YAY a new post! and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! xoxo -yaya

Kati said...

Thanks Yaya!