Feb 20, 2012

Kitchen Finale (sort of)

Well, I have some great news! The kitchen is FINALLY finished! And it looks amazing! I am so happy with how well everything came together. The lights, the granite, the stools....it is all just perfect! So I decided it was high time for some real pictures. You're welcome :)

It is so hard to think that only 3 months ago the kitchen looked like this
See that donuts poster? Our stove sits there now. Just so ya know which way you're facing.

I can barely even remember that old kitchen. There was absolutely nowhere to work. No vents to take out any bad air, and there were a lot of fire hazards (see the original post of why we wanted a kitchen reno here). Here's a comparison of usable counter-space from before and after (yellow). You can see that the difference is substantial!

Now, you might be wondering why I say "Kitchen Finale (sort of)" as this post's title. It's because the kitchen is finished, yes. But I still have a lot I want to do. Like move in all of my things (2 months, y'all!). Put our actual cookbooks on our bookshelves. Fill the little glass openings with something cute. put up a magnetic chalkboard on the side of the fridge to keep notes so as not to clutter the front of the fridge that faces the rest of the house. You know, we still need to tweak. Make it ours. So those updates will be coming in the future. Don't you worry :) But for now, we're just SO happy that it's finished. We're in love! (haha, you knew that already!)


sarah said...

Stunning!! All of the finishes are so pretty! I especially love those pendant lights.

Kati said...

Thanks Sarah! Those pendants were from Home Depot and were the cheapest ones we looked at. We saw them and KNEW they were perfect!

Jennifer Kines said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe that is the same kitchen!! It looks AMAZING! So when do we get to come have some of John's famous meatballs?