Jan 16, 2012

Bring the tables to life

So in case you haven't noticed, the basic "theme" of our July 28th wedding is Lots of Color. Haha, we get right to the point with that, eh? Anyway, not sure if that even qualifies as a theme, but it's what I want to be incorporated everywhere so that's what I'm calling it. 

Anyway, one of my problems has been figuring out how to bring lots of color to our tables at the reception without going overboard on my floral budget (which apparently isn't that big). While surfing Style Me Pretty the other day, I found something that sparked a lightbulb. What about NAPKINS

Image here
If I could somehow get lots of fun napkins, each person could have a different color and therefore there would be lots of colors on the tables! Genius, right? 

Well, sorta....

See, normal boring colored napkins go for about $0.40 each. And to buy napkins, you're looking at around $0.50(ish) at the least! Not a huge difference, but when you multiply it by a lot of people, it makes a difference. And making them? Kind of impossible. I'd still be spending $0.50+ on each napkin, plus putting in the effort to find the fabric, learn to sew and spend the time making each one. A DIY project like that would be awesome, but if it's not even saving me any money, would it really be worth it? Sigh....must keep thinking about that one. 

My next idea is to have some fun colorful table liners, like these found below. Each table could be a different color so that'd be fun. Not sure yet, not completely sold on that.

Who knows what will actually happen. It's just what's on my mind today so I thought I'd share. 

Any thoughts by any of you helpful friends and family? I'd love your thoughts and opinions!

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Anonymous said...

I like the fabric in the first picture...not crazy about the ribbons. Momonymous