Dec 29, 2011

Inspiration Boards

I've been working on designing our save-the-dates and let me tell you, it's hard! Since I'm designing them for myself, I'm having such a difficult time making decisions. Nothing is perfect and it's getting frustrating! I think I've designed about 10 different save-the-dates, with the same words just different fonts, colors and patterns.

So today I sat down and decided I needed to nail down my colors once and for all. I did that by picking five or six of my favorite images of weddings and taking the colors that those images shared. Here's the outcome:

The second thing I did was to make an inspiration board of invitations I admire. Sometimes this helps me because I can put a finger on different elements that draw me in, as well as colors and "feels." I definitely got a lot done after I made this baby!

After I did the invitation inspiration board, I realized a few things about what I want my invitations to look like:

1) I like color (and lots of it!)
2) Stripes are fun
3) I love clean designs (I already knew that though)
4) White is probably the way to go (as far as paper is concerned)
5) Definitely doing envelope liners. So.freaking.awesome.

Now I just have to get home and show my fiance some of today's designs to see what he thinks. I know he will have some changes (I'm pretty sure I do too!) but so far, I'm likin' the direction. Can't wait to share it with you!

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