Nov 15, 2011

Trendy Tuesday: Glitter & Gold

I realize I have almost missed Trendy Tuesday again this week, but don't dispair. I got around to it. I've been listening to Christmas music all day, tapping my toes in sync with Jingle Bell Rock and O' Christmas Tree. While doing so, I thought about the great Christmas trends right now and the one word that I'd say is "in" right now is glitter. Lots of it. Sequins and sparkles and gold and shine! Nothing quite says Christmas like the magic that these possess! So feast your eyes on some Glitter & Gold that might or not speak holiday to you. Do you love? I think yes!

1. Sparkly iPhone 2. Sequin Holiday Dress 3. Christmas Wreath 4. Nail Shimmer 5. Sparkle Cake! 6. Not Flat Flats 7. Flashy Pillow 8. Earrings

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOVE the nail tips and that dress. Good pic(k)s!!!