Nov 16, 2011

{Hadden Family}

Sunday was the perfect day for a photoshoot. Well, almost. Yes, it was windy. And 80 degrees. So maybe not quite so perfect -- but the wonderful thing about photography is that you usually can't tell temperatures. And, if that wind gets crazy you just keep shooting until you get everything perfect.

I'd say even with the not-so-perfect weather, these pictures look pretty great {not to pat myself on the back, but....hehe}. This family was really fun to shoot -- the boys pretended not to like having their photos taken, and the Mr. & Mrs. were obviously very much in love. That always makes me smile. I hope to be like that one day too.

Anyway, enough jibber-jabber. Onto the pictures!

This family was so fun! What a great idea to bring a football at the end of the shoot. Aren't those boys precious? Thank you, Hadden family for letting me capture you!

Happy Wednesday!


Erin said...

Love the location! And, as always, the picures are fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful! I was surprised to read you're not a professional photographer. :) Keep it up!