Nov 2, 2011

Sharing the Love {Fall Favs}

Today I wanted to share with you guys some of the things I am dying over. Obsession doesn't begin to cover my feelings towards my 2011 fall essentials. They're just little things that are making me super happy right now, and it's only fair to share the love. So without further ado, the list:

1) {TOUCHGap's 1969 Ponte Five-Pocket Leggings - These things are rocking my world right now. Ah! I cannot get enough of them. Basically, they're a black pant that feels like pajamas but look like business casual black skinny jeans. I've been wearing them to work and it's seriously like wearing my favorite pajamas that magically seem to LOOK like pants. That's some Harry Potter magic here, people. Get them. Wear them. Love them.

2) {SMELLHobby Lobby's Christmas candles - No photo here, but last week I bought a $9.99 candle that smells like Christmas morning for only six buckaroos (thanks to these 40% off coupons HobLob usually has up on their website). No doubt about it, I have had it burning in my living room ever since, so when you walk inside the holidays are upon you! (I love Christmas!)

3) {TASTEPretzel M&Ms - did you know one little package is the same amount of Weight Watchers points (3) as a 100-calorie prepackaged snack, a Skinnycow candy bar, and a deep chocolate vita-muffin. Not together, of course, but still! How delightful. And that sweet + salty combo? Sigh...

4) {SEE} My 50mm/1.8 lens - I'm still loving this baby and it's my favorite lens. Not that it has much competition....the only other lens I have is the kit lens which I feel kind of meh about. This lens has me dreaming about what else is out there. Like the 50mm/1.2 (only $1,000?!?!) or an 85mm one.

5) {HEAR} Josh Ritter - My friend Keith introduced me to this artist and his music is great. I love The Temptation of Adam. Totally my kinda music :) Plus he's not hard on the eyes either. Hehe!

There you have it folks. Get it while you can :)

Happy Wednesday!

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