Nov 21, 2011

Random - Holidays are in the air!

I am working on editing some photos of one of my favorite families and couldn't wait to share this picture of Jack. I babysit for him and he is beautiful! I can't wait to share with you the rest of my edits tomorrow.

Black Friday is this weekend! John and I are scopin' out the sales to figure out where we should go to grab up a good deal and man, we're pumped (or at least I am!) We're totally hitting up Lowe's so far, but I wouldn't be surprised if we made a pit-stop by Sears or Target too! I'll keep you updated. And let me know if you see any great deals, mainly on TVs (for my Pops) or large kitchen stainless steel things.... hehe


Since this is the last week before Thanksgiving, I thought I should try to make an effort to be grateful for the things in my life. Cause to be honest, I've got it pretty good. Life can be tough sometimes but it's important to remember all the wonderful blessings I have in my life: a great job that I love in tough economic times, an apartment by myself with a roof over my head and AC/heat, a dog who loves me unconditionally, a boyfriend who loves me and my dog unconditionally, a wonderful family who gets along and cares deeply for one another, and so much more! The list is extensive, my friends. I'm going to try to brainstorm up a list for my own personal memories of all the great things I have in 2011.


This morning while driving to work I heard Christmas music on my radio. Holy goodness, I was so excited! I'm not sure if I've shared this on the blog yet but I LOVE Christmas. The whole season is wonderful to me and makes me feel like a kid again! Next weekend I'm going to get a tree with John and I can't wait to share it with you! So.Much.Fun!

Oh and if you were wondering, I'm totally digging J. Bieber's Mistletoe. I may or may not have a baby crush on this kid.


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