Nov 22, 2011

{Bracey Family}

Okay. I am so in love with this family it's not even funny. I babysit for the boys and they are always a blast and so easy. Plus, Jackie (that gorgeous momma!) is always fun to be around. When they asked if I could take some pictures of them, I was so excited!

With November air surrounding us, however, comes some overcast days and this Sunday evening proved no exception. It was dark. I decided to try it out anyway for practice but I so wish we had gotten some lovely sunshine! Oh well -- we'll just have to redo it in the spring! Haha!

I think that even though I had a tough time balancing my ISO, aperture and shutter-speed, I still got a lot of keepers. Mainly the first one of Jack that I showed you yesterday. Gosh, he is a beautiful child! I realize now I probably should not have started the sneak peek with the since now I'm sure the family is expecting greatness but ahh well, another lesson learned. Anyway, enough ramblings. Here are some other great pictures I captured of this sweet, sweet family.



sarah said...

Gorgeous, Kati! I'm sure they're thrilled with these. :)

Kati said...

Thanks Sarah! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!