Nov 25, 2011

And so it begins. Christmas 2011

I love Christmas. In fact, if I could think of another word for love, I would, because Christmas is my favorite time of year. And now, with Thanksgiving out of the way I can finally focus on this wonderful holiday season without being judged. That sounds terrible, doesn't it.

I can't help it! To me, Thanksgiving is fun and all, but not really something I look forward to for weeks and weeks. Maybe it's because I never really had a huge Thanksgiving tradition. Growing up, it seems like Thanksgiving was always a little different. Some years it was spent at my aunt and uncle's house. Other years we celebrated with our little immediate family. As I got older we spent Thanksgiving in North Carolina with my grandparents. This year I spent it with John's family. And you know what? Thanksgiving is great. It's a wonderful day to spend with family and to pause for a moment and think about all that we should be thankful for. I get it. Honestly.

But the Christmas season? Christmas season is so full of love and joy that it just engulfs you. You get to spend an entire month decorating the house with your family. Picking out that perfect tree and making it beautiful together. You get to sit by the fire with your favorite people and spend quality time together, sipping cocoa and doing a puzzle while How the Grinch Stole Christmas plays in the background. It's just special. And it doesn't last one day. It lasts for a season.

People wave hello to strangers. They hold open the door and whistle as they walk. There's an energy around Christmas that doesn't happen any other time. People are happy. And nice. And generous. They care about each other and the world, and our selfish needs vanish as we buy perfect presents for our loved ones. If Thanksgiving had that, I'd probably like it more. But it doesn't.

I don't love Christmas because of the gifts. Or the shopping or the deals. I love Christmas because I love how it makes people act. How it makes me feel. Warm and fuzzy inside. I love it because I get to spend time with my friends and family -- quality time with them, even. I love the traditions and the build-up and the smells and the cozy-ness. I just love it. 

So Christmas season officially begins today. Get ready for some holiday cheer! Oh, and I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Happy Black Friday!

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