Oct 18, 2011

Trendy Tuesday: Ombre (plus a tid-bit about breast cancer)

When looking up "ombre" on dictionary.com, it gives you one definition: "an 18th-century card game"

No, dictionary.com. No. That's not the ombre word I'm talking about. So I will attempt to define it myself.

ombre (adj.) the use of color that shifts into lighter and darker tones to create a richer color scheme.

Moving on.

I noticed ombre all over pinterest the past few weeks so of course it needed an appearance on the Trendy Tuesday board! Love it.

1. Wedding Color Cake 2. Giuliana's Hair 3. Anthropologie Pot 4. DIY Shower Curtain 5. Simple Scarf 6. Bag It 7. Crafty Pillows 8. Ombre Tulle Skirt

Also wanted to point out that I chose Giuliana as my hair example because she recently announced that she's been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is only 36! In case you didn't know, breast cancer awareness month is October (as in, right now!) so to all of you ladies out there, be aware of the risks and do a self examination today! Click here for instructions. So important!

Love to you all. Prayers to Giuliana and those fighting cancer. Oh, and of course...

Happy Tuesday :)

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