Sep 1, 2011

Last Weekend

Last weekend, I got to go on a little mini-vaca with one of my favorite people in the world -- my momma. And, like all good photographers, I hardly took any photos. I know. The shame! 

In fact, I didn't take one photo of the two of us together, which makes me really sad. Which is why I'm vowing now to make up for it this weekend, when I go to the lake with the boy's family.

**Sadly, I could not find one photo I have of just my momma and me. This will have to suffice - it's my little sister (left), my mom (center) and me (right) taken about a year and a half ago. 

Anyway, back to last weekend's mini vaca. I got a free hotel room in June when I was in Dallas for my friend's wedding and so my mom and I decided last weekend would be the perfect time to take advantage of our free room and head to Dallas! 

We got there around 6 on Friday night and checked into our hotel. Of course, we immediately found the closest Italian restaurant in proximity to us and booked it over there without even bothering to change clothes. Oops! Once there, we split the best Pasta Carabona I have EVER eaten. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it!

Of course, I didn't take any pics of it because I'm pretty sure I ate it in about 10 minutes. Was it worth it? Totally. Do I regret it? Ummmmm.....

Anyway, Saturday morning we woke up bright n' early to get our shop on! My mom had never been to IKEA (say whaaa?) so it was one of the first places we went. Love! And, of course, I took no photos. So here's a pretty picture of the Dallas skyline in its place.

After a day full of shopping at Ikea and bought just a few little things. Since I'd been there 2 times in the past few months, I wasn't really looking to carry anything back home. Here's some of our favorite stuff we bought there:

I also really liked these lights - thought they would be a great centerpiece for a winter wedding. Not that I ever think about weddings. Pshhhh....

After IKEA, we headed to an outlet mall where I got a few cute outfit things. No pics of those, but I did take pictures of our evening outing. We went to this cool little hotel near downtown called the Belmont. They had a great outdoor bar that overlooked the Dallas skyline (see 2 photos up) so we went there at sunset and had some drinks and appetizers. So fun!

SOOC (straight out of camera - no editing)
The food was soo good! We got a plate of sausages to try and some pimento cheese balls. Those cheese things were Go-OOOD! We practically ate everything!

Sunday, we went to brunch with some family friends (and I guessed it! No photos). Afterward, we were going to head out of town, but ended up getting a little sidetracked after mom decided she needed to run to IKEA one more time. And after IKEA, we got sidetracked again. And again. And again. We practically went to every furniture store in Dallas. My fav? Gotta be Z Gallerie. I wanted to buy everything in that place and redo my entire apartment. I swoooooon.

Here are some of my favorite things we saw. iPhone pics are keepin' it real.

I really liked the couches and the rug. Funny thing is, I think my office has this couch. The pillows tipped me off.

Love those zebra print pillows. My mom said she'd make me some -- I'll keep ya updated!

I love this. Made me think of Marinna. She loves purple.
Anyway, enough ranting and my pathetic attempt at showing you all the cool stuff I saw/did. Cause it was WAY better than those pics make it look! I had the best time ever -- can't wait to spend more time with my momma.

Happy Thursday!


llwess said...

Loved the blog about our trip but there were a couple of pictures i couldn't open.

Kati said...

Oh well, what can you do? I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen in the future, but all of my pictures seem to show up fine for me. Hmmm....