Aug 30, 2011

Trendy Tuesday - Brass/Gold

Well, I never thought I'd say this. NEVER. But....{breathe. pause. breathe again}.... I think brass/gold is making a comeback. And I kind of like it.

I've sworn by silver practically my entire life. Come on...What's not to love about silver? Not only does it go with absolutely everything, but it's classic, clean and just my style. But recently, I've noticed people shifting subtly towards a brass/gold look. I'm not always crazy about it, but I'm liking it more than I expected to and can definitely see myself incorporating it into my own home one day.

Check it out for yourself. What do you think?

1. Entryway 2. Big, Bold Mirror 3. Brass Bracelet 4. Kiss My Brass Shelves 5. Drawer Pulls 6. Bed 7. Cake (cause I put one on every Trendy Tuesday!) 8. Baby Got Brass Back Chairs 9. Brass Chandy

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