Jun 22, 2011


Photography has been tempting me more and more every day. Today I left work early due to an upset stomach and VERY low temperature, and decided to mess around a little bit with photoshopping some pictures of my own that I've taken with the crap-a-holic good-ole point and shoot. Here's the original:


And....after some photoshopping....


Here's a side-by-side for easy comparison:

Here's another one:
Original photo (take winter 2011)

edited color

Side by side


Original black and white

edited black and white

Kind of sloppy (since I was just messing around) but what do you think? Think I could pull this off? 


Anonymous said...

I like them! The only thing is you are losing some of the definition particularly in the one w/ you and John in the snow - ck out the trees and your scarf. Now perhaps this is b/c you WANT to soften it or b/c you are just playing around so just ignore me! :) LOL - I think the new photos accentuate your faces better in BOTH! You can get a really nice Rebel Canon Powershot at Sams, let me know if you wanna go by sometime and ck out their selection! Love you!

Anonymous said...

So Paul thinks photo # 2 looks better in all of them b/c it doesn't look like a "plain ole" photo :) haha I'm thinking your blurring technique must be intentional to bring the faces out more and soften the background - you're color touches are great

Kati said...

I'd love to go to Sams and check them out! That would be fun.

I kind of agree about the blurring - I probably went a little overboard but heck, that's what practice is all about! Thanks for commenting!