Jun 27, 2011

Doesn't Matter Where You Start...

.....just start.

That's what one of my new fav bloggers said once. (By the way, do you know how hard it is to find a photographer that blogs about TIPS and TRICKS? She does that and I LOVE it!) As you might know, I'm getting a little crazy about the possibility of starting up photography. Something about it - the colors, the faces, the piece of time held still for eternity - just makes me want to splurge and buy the first camera I can.

I'm trying to be good. I'm trying not to make an impulse buy, but to bide my time, weigh the options and practice my mad skillz until then.

Luckily, my roommate upstairs friend Ashlyn (she lives above me in my apartment building) said I could borrow her Nikon for a bit. Get a feel for it, if you will. Hopefully it will help me determine what kind of camera I do want to buy when the time is right. Honestly I am leaning towards a Canon right now, simply because that's the brand I've always used. I think they're both good cameras and I'm 99.9% sure I'll be buying one of them.

Anyway, this week is busy, so stay tuned but please don't lose patience with me. I'll come up with some good blog posts SOOON! Until next time, here are some photos that are inspiring me right now:

Toddlertoes - this could not be any cuter!

Rachel Blackwell Photography - I love that photographers are always taking pictures of happy occasions. Always. 

Rialee Photography - you can bet your bottom's dollar that I'll be taking LOTS of pics of Ella. Only problem is she is so dark that it's hard to capture her eyes a lot of the time. But I would love to get some pics like this. Gorgeous!

Sweet Little Things Photography - is it bad that I'm already thinking about what baby gear I would need for newborn photoshoots? I just love the textures - GAWGEOUS!

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