May 18, 2011

A Wreck

In February, we had some crazy weather. Not crazy tornado-every-night-for-two-weeks weather, but you know, winter crazy weather. Like snow. And coldness. It was so bad we got off work for a few snow days (hooray!) I am like a small child in the fact that I cannot get my excitement together to act like a grown up when I have a snow day. It's why John loves me.

Anyway, this story takes place after the snow had melted a bit and we had started back to work. After one particularly long day, with the sky darkening quickly, I ran to my car. We park on the top of a deck, so there was still quite a bit of snow on there that hadn't melted all the way. I got into my car. Put it in reverse. Backed up while looking at my awesome rear-view camera. And I heard a crunch. Assuming it was a large pile of frozen snow under tire, I continued backing up. Then I noticed the car to my left. I had hit it. Great.

Really, it wasn't that bad!

I left a note and left. It was freezing. That weekend, I went out of town. I kept my phone on me, waiting for an anxious phone call from the owner of the vehicle, but it never came.

I waited. 
And waited.
And waited.


So life continued. Sure, I had a little scrape on my newly purchased Nissan, but heck I could live with that. I celebrated Valentines Day. I got a dog. Moved out. Started a new blog.

Then yesterday (yes, yesterday) I got the call. 

"Hi, Kati? Yes, you hit my car?" I was a little irritated that this was happening so I rudely said, "Like...TWO MONTHS AGO???" The guy was really nice, saying he hadn't thought the repairs would cost much. $20 maybe. But that yesterday he took it in and it was $150. $150!!!!

So I'm meeting him today to write him a check for the damages. I'm going to write it soooo slowly because I have no money right now and this is just icing on the cake. 

That's really it. Nothing fun to write about or inspiring. Just ramblings.

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