Aug 26, 2012

Honeymoon to Costa Rica (Arenal)

John and I left for our honeymoon on Monday - a day and a half after tying the knot. It was definitely one of the best decisions we made, because we were able to have all day Sunday to just unwind and pack. We saw our parents and told funny stories from the day before, and it was really good. I would highly recommend this to other people!

So Monday morning, we were supposed to leave around 6:00 AM to depart Little Rock. At 4:30, when we woke up, we got news that our plane had some mechanical problems, and would be delayed until 10:00 AM, meaning we would definitely have missed our connecting flight. So we chose to leave Little Rock at 1:30 PM instead, so that we wouldn't have such a long layover in Atlanta.

Since we got to Costa Rica so much later that day than we had originally planned, we had to stay in San Jose one night, and give up our hotel reservation in Arenal, Costa Rica. Our stay in San Jose was pretty uneventful, so let's just go ahead and skip on to Tuesday morning, when our driver picked us up to drive us the three hours to Arenal.

As we drove along, I started to dose in the car. About two hours in, though, our driver suddenly woke me (and John) up to tell us to grab the camera. As he pulled off the highway, we were both a bit confused, but eager to see what he was so excited about. Up above our heads, not 10 feet off the side of the road, was a mama sloth (3-toed) and a little baby. What a delight! Especially since it was the only one we got to see the entire trip!

When we finally did get to Arenal we were to amazed at our luck with our villa. It was yellow (my favorite!) and adorable, with a big bedroom and our own patio. That afternoon, we went to the nearby town and ordered local food - I got fish tacos (one of the best things I have ever eaten in my life!) and John got authentic "tipicol" food (the "tipicol"is referring how we saw "typical" spelled many times while we were there).

While in Arenal, we signed up to do an evening at the local Tabacon Thermal Springs Resort. It was our first real night out of our honeymoon! We got a nice dinner there, and afterwards, got to explore their natural hot pools that are hot due to the proximity to the active Arenal Volcano. It was so neat to see, and was super romantic! I'm pretty sure it was even on ABC's The Bachelor one season!

The next day we woke up bright and early to go to Monteverde. Check back tomorrow for a post on that!

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