Jun 20, 2012

Lens Pro To Go + 24-70mm/2.8L Lens

Today I wanted to just write a quick review on an amazing company, Lens Pro To Go. This past weekend, I rented a lens from them for the second time and just thought others might gain some useful knowledge from my past experiences with this company.

The first time I rented from Lens Pro To Go, I rented a Canon 35mm/1.4L. To recap, I had a few questions while ordering the lens so I gave their customer service a call. To my surprise, the phone was picked up on the second or third ring by the nicest man, who was able to clearly answer all my questions and even share some insight into how the lens would work on my Canon 60D. He ordered the lens for me over the phone and it arrived promptly that Friday. I was pumped to finally get my hands on this professional lens, but quickly noticed a few less than wonderful qualities. For some reason, the edges of my images were blurring dramatically with this new lens (see images below)

I quickly turned to my trusted photography source, Clickin' Moms (don't laugh...it really is pretty amazing!) and posted a few of my images for some of the women to review. Immediately, they told me I had gotten a bum lens and that I should call the company and request a replacement.

After giving Lens Pro To Go a call, I was again amazed by how wonderful their staff is! They soothed my worries, and let me know that they would be shipping a replacement lens overnight to insure I had it in time for my first photo shoot Saturday morning. They said that the lens had suffered from a bit of jostling during shippment, but that it rarely happened (and I think they were a little upset that it was only my first time renting!) To hear it was not my fault (I'd only had the sucker for 15 minutes!) and that I was operating the camera correctly was such a relief! Here are some of my favorite images from that weekend with the 35mm:

By the way, this lens is totally on my wish-list!

{I also shot a boudoir session that weekend and the 35mm did amazing! I totally want to do more of those so if you know of anyone who is interested, send them my way!}

So this time, when I decided to try out a new 24-70/2.8L lens for a birthday party I shot this weekend, I knew exactly where to turn: Lens Pro To Go! I tried ordering the lens online but was having some problems with my shipping address working, so I turned to my trusty phone once more. A great guy answered the phone, double-checked my order, and went ahead and ordered the lens for me over the phone. Easy as pie! I was told it would arrive Friday morning, and at 10:30 that day, it was in my arms. Hooray!

One thing about this lens: it's HEAVY! Much heavier than any other lenses I've used. But that bulk was a good thing! It's professional, people.

Moving on. I took the lens home and shot with it all weekend. MAN it was a dream! Here are some of my best pictures from this weekend (some of which you've already seen):

The main things I like about this lens? For one, it's got a zoom, which is really useful when taking pictures of moving things that don't follow commands well (i.e. kids and dogs). Also, it works really well as a macro lens (which means close-up), like the picture of the present with the gift tag. Love that about it!

Unfortunately, I had to send in the lens yesterday -- but at least it was easy (seriously, all you have to do is put the lens in its original box, stick a sticker on it (which Lens Pro To Go includes when they mail it to you) and drop it off at a UPS store. Easy as pie!

Since my heart was so heavy about losing this lens, I did the only logical thing I could think of.

I bought one. 

Used (3 months old) and for about $400 cheaper than it is here, I bought my very own L-glass lens. i.am.so.pumped.and.i.want.it.now! But I'll have to wait a few days as it's currently in the mail on its way.

So why did I buy this lens? Honestly, I want the 35mm/1.4 more. But this lens is so versitle. It's a great replacement to my "ish" kit lens and I know I can use it for some great wide-angle shots until I can pool enough money for the 35mm. But one of the main reasons I bought it is that it'll be PERFECT for our honeymoon! I'll be able to zoom in on monkeys and zoom out to show whole landscapes, all with one lens. Which means less baggage and weight to carry around and more time to just capture what I see!

Anyway, I guess I got a little off topic about the whole Lens Pro To Go theme, but U-turning it back to that, they're a great company and I couldn't recommend them more. And they didn't even pay me to say that. Although they could. Anytime. :)

Peace. I'm out.

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