Oct 13, 2011

Note to Self: White Balance, White Balance!

A few nights ago I got to babysit for some of my very favorite kiddos. These three girls absolutely have my heart! The first thing I hear when I come over is sweet Ava, who always innocently blurts "Wanna pway a game?!?" Oh, be still my heart!

Anyway I dragged my camera over last time I was there, hoping to get some good shots of these gorgeous girlies. I only snapped a few and they were all indoors (ick). Looking through the pictures on my camera, I didn't notice that my white balance was WAY off! Imagine me kicking myself all night for not realizing it sooner!

Yes. Harsh reality. As I was saying, after giving myself a threatening speech and debating whether or not to tape the words DON'T FORGET WHITE BALANCE! to my camera, I took a deep breath and moved on. There was one solution and luckily I consider myself fairly talented in this area: photoshop.

Photoshop, you are my best friend.

Next time I'm there hopefully I can get some cuter ones of them together (I could never manage to get the two older ones looking at the camera at the same time...typical I presume, of having children HAH!)

PS. If you were paying attention, you might have realized I said three little girls. Where was the third? 

Yep. I'm the baby whisperer.

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Anonymous said...

Baby in the chair is adorable!