Sep 12, 2011

Woo Pig Sooie!

John and I both went to Fayetteville for  undergraduate. It's where we met, actually. I was 17 and a freshman, beginning a new chapter of my life. He was 19 -- a sophomore. It was my very first class on the first day of school. I walked into that english class, sat down next to him and the rest is history. (There's a lot more to the story, but that's for another day)

Today's story is about the Hogs. Our Alma Mater. The University of Arkansas. Neither John nor I are big sports people -- it's one of the many great things we have in common, along with loving salt & vinegar chips and puking at least once a month. We have sensitive stomachs. Oh...TMI? Sorry....

Back to the story. We're never the couple to spend any money on tickets to the games. In fact, we usually won't go to the game even when offered free tickets. Yes, we're those people. We're really just in it for the food. And the people too :) Hence our love for tailgating. This weekend the hogs came to Little Rock, so we put on our red, white and black and headed to the Mallory tailgate. I dragged my camera along for the day, hoping to capture some good shots. Get ready for a red overload!

One of my favorite things about every tailgate is Erin's cookies. How cute are they? And the best part about them is they taste just as good as they look. Check out her blog here.

I also love spending time with John's family. His cousin, Erin has the cutest little boy, Evan. And he loves me. Could he have a better smile? I don't think so...Here's a family shot of the three of them.

Gotta love some pictures of Evan with his sweet cousin Rosemary -- who. is. adorable.
Oh, and Evan again with his grandmother (John's aunt).

One of the best things about the Mallory's spot is that they are located right where the whole Razorback football team gets off the bus. Everyone lines up around the street, and the football team comes walking in, giving high fives and Razorback spirit! After that, we get up close and personal with the band. Always fun for the kiddos (and me!)

My apologies to the band peeps for catching them mid-blink. Keep your eyes open, folks!

My little sister (who is gorgeous!! Wouldn't you agree?) always comes by too to grab some grub. Love her! Needless to say, it was a pretty fantastic day. And the best part? The hogs won. Not that I really care or anything. 

Woo Pig!


sarah said...

Gorgeous shots! This was the perfect time to spot a color. So neat.

My Aggies play your Razorbacks in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we'll put up a better fight than the past couple of years... it's been pretty ugly for us!

llwess said...

Great photos! I want a copy of the one w Marinna and her plate.

Kati said...

Thanks Sarah! This was a fun day to shoot because I felt really comfortable. Nobody was afraid of getting their picture taken (for once!)

Thanks to you too momma! I'll send you the one of Marinna and her plate (?) even though that's weird. Don't you want one of Marinna and ME? Hah!